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Inner Ascent Group Coaching

Quit Weed, Alcohol, and/or Nicotine Through Holistic Health & Mindfulness


Relax, Rejoice, & Regulate Your Nervous System without Smoking or Drinking

"Addiction is neither a choice nor primarily a disease. It originates in a human being's desperate attempt to solve a problem... The first questions is not 'Why the addiction?' but 'Why the pain?' " - Dr. Gabor Mate


I'm Jake Yoder, sobriety coach, mountain guide, and mindfulness teacher. 


For 6 years I was a heavy, daily cannabis user & addict using multiple addictions to medicate severe anxiety. A spiritual awakening at 19 years old led me to finally quit weed, alcohol, nicotine & all drugs, and transform my life through holistic health and mindfulness. After nearly a decade of exploring many different recovery pathways and wellness modalities, I created the Natural Highs Coaching Programs to share the tools that helped me overcome addiction and find greater balance in all areas of my life.


To this day, my greatest passion is exploring & practicing wellness, and helping others do the same. In the Inner Ascent Group Coaching program, I've teamed up with a therapist and nutritionist to give a comprehensive view of holistic health specifically designed to help you thrive in sober life. Whether you're just starting the journey of recovery / sobriety or you've been on the path for quite some time, this course can further your wellbeing.

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“The Inner Ascent course opened me further to rewiring my nervous system with mindful somatic tools and breath work practices I hadn’t explored as in-depth. In our little tribe cultivated by Jake, we truly shared ourselves. My body and nervous system shed tears as it has so badly needed the reminder to ground and come back home."

 - Lydia

Inner Ascent Graduate

Meet Your Teachers


  • Group coaching in a small group (8 max) highly tailored to individual needs 

  • Video course including:
    • 6+ hours of exclusive content & worksheets to support thriving in sober / weed free life

    • Coach Jake Yoder's Natural Highs Method & sober wellness philosophy fully explained

    • Flow state & Presence: what it is and how to achieve it daily 

    • Trauma healing teachings from Zoe Gillis, MFT 

    • Nutrition & detox teachings from Kelly Miller, The Addiction Nutritionist

    • Year long video course access included

  • Private group chat via slack app



8 week course. Rolling admission, exact dates & times depend on your needs. Enrollment opens once a month for existing groups. If times for existing groups do not work for you, you will be placed on a waitlist to form a new group. Upon registering you will receive an email with a poll to enter your availability. You will be placed in a group based on your availability. Wait time varies. Contact Jake for more details.



Weekly 90 min to 2 hr Zoom meetings



$899 paid in full or 5 monthly payments of $179.80

This course is for you if any of the following applies:


  • You are sober or sober curious 

  • You want to quit weed

  • You want to quit drinking

  • You want to give up nicotine

  • You value holistic health and wellbeing

  • You want to be supported by a like minded community 

  • Marijuana or alcohol is negatively impacting your relationships

  • Marijuana or alcohol is negatively impacting your career or search for purpose

  • Marijuana or alcohol is negatively impacting your self expression and hobbies

  • You've tried to stop by yourself and always end up going back

  • You got sober within the past year and want to learn a holistic approach to wellness in sobriety & connect with others doing the same

  • You’ve been sober for over 1 yr and want to deepen your knowledge of meditation practices & nutrition for optimal wellbeing 

  • You are ready to begin your sobriety & need a good reason to start

  • You want to take a break from weed, alcohol, or nicotine (or all 3) for at least 8 wks while learning holistic health 


Click here to email Jake


Click here to book a free Interest Call 

Course Content:

Sobriety is more about STARTING something than STOPPING something. 

This means creating a healthy internal FOUNDATION. To do so, we need holistic health strategies that empower us to FEEL GREAT naturally. 


Mastering the natural reward systems of the brain and body lifts us to new heights in everyday life, and gives us resilience during hard times. 


That is why in the upcoming INNER ASCENT Group Coaching program I’ve teamed up with a licensed therapist AND a certified nutritionist to teach you:


🌱WK 1: ROOTS OF ADDICTION: what addiction really is, why addiction is not actually the issue, and how to let go of shame


🌱WK 2: FLOW STATE: what it is and how to access it every day 


🌱WK 3: NATURAL HIGHS: how to tap into your brain & body's Natural Reward System to get high on life every day


🌱WK 4: RADICAL ACCEPTANCE & GRATITUDE: how to find peace in the present moment & learn to induce a state of gratitude at any moment.


🌱WK 5: SELF CARE & NUTRITION: Optimize health & energy, reduce stress, and manage cravings through food & supplements with addiction nutritionist Kelly Miller.


🌱WK 6: COMPLETING THE PAST: releasing guilt, resentment and shame forever


🌱WK 7: TRAUMA & NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION: learn about trauma healing from therapist Zoe Gillis, MFT. Gain alternative, natural ways to get relief including meditation and breathe work  


🌱WK 8: HABIT BUILDING: Learning how to set S.M.A.R.T goals and turn your dreams into projects


🌱VIDEO COURSE: Multi Year access to the Inner Ascent comprehensive video course including all future updates at no extra cost & lots of exclusive content


🌱PRIVATE GROUP CHAT: Access to a group chat via the Slack app (no social media required) that continues even AFTER the course ends so you can stay connected with your new sobriety BFFs :) 

This is an 8 week, tight knit group with only 8 spots maximum. 


Click HERE to book a call and explore if this group will be the right fit for you. 

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Jake Yoder has been featured on many of the world's top sobriety & mental health platforms including top 1% ranked mental health podcasts. Click the icon for each episode.

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