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Coaching Testimonials:

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“Jake provided accountability, creative solutions, and a lot of kindness and understanding. I find myself wondering, "What would Jake do?" all the time! I fully recommend reaching out and talking to Jake if you want a coach who is grounded, knowledgeable, and a really awesome person all around. His coaching is worth every cent." - Meghan J, Climate Change Consultant B.A. Economics - Harvard University, M.S. Energy Policy & Climate - Johns Hopkins University IG:

After being an almost daily marijuana user for 6+ years, since age 17, I felt nothing short of trapped and alone. I knew something needed to change but after multiple failed attempts to quit, I felt powerless. Jake & his program empowered me, guided me, and helped me recognize my own power to move my life in the direction I wanted. I truly never thought I could get to a point where I felt joy, peace, & contentment in day to day life without weed, but here I am, and what a truly amazing place to be. I left every session feeling empowered, light, & ready to tackle whatever came next. I recommend Jake & the Natural Highs program to anyone who is seeking change but doesn’t know where or how to begin - he will help you execute changes you never thought possible." - Rebecca L, MA Education, Special Education

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“ If you are looking to dive deeper into your self... Jake can help you look at those areas of life that may be missed… I really love how attentive he is to listening to you. I notice that he pays very close attention in ways that others may over look. I had some breakthroughs on areas of my life and have come to realize that I can be complete even if I still have more to do at the end of the day. My experience with Jacob was super amazing and highly valuable! ” - Tristen H., Entrepreneur & Theta Healer

“I feel a lot more content with life overall... I’m not self medicating just to get through the day. I’ve noticed I don’t get as agitated anymore… I just handle stress a lot better… Working with Jacob helped me understand how to fall back in love with my natural state. He is an excellent resource... Jacob always brought so much passion for sobriety in our sessions and that really was beneficial to my journey.” - Joseph A., US Navy Veteran, @joseph.aloi

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"I don’t think I would have quit smoking if it weren’t for Jake and the natural highs program. After completion of the program, I can now say I have a lot more tools in my tool belt when it comes to recovery. I learned a lot about myself throughout the program and have more confidence in myself overall. Career-wise, I found a new perspective on my day job and even restarted up my own business on the side! Thank you for everything, Jake!" - Chantal S, Nutritionist, @chantalsinger

"Thank you Jake. You helped me through one of the darkest and hardest times in my life, and I will be forever grateful for that. Jake's program and coaching style is very enlightening. His method takes one on a journey of deep inner work and provides them with effective tools to live a loving, meaningful and peaceful sober life. I haven’t been angry in so long, I used to get down on myself and berate myself … I feel like a completely different person… like the person I’m meant to be... I’m just stunned” - Chantelle S., Dance Teacher @maythefunkbewithyou

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Before out sessions, I was feeling directionless, hopeless, and stuck in a miserable cycle of alcohol and marijuana misuse. Jake has since opened my eyes to many aspects of myself that I didn't realize were there: the deeper reasons behind my use, and the goals within me that I hadn't the tools to flush out. Jake listens compassionately, thinks creatively and works tirelessly, all with a huge smile and positive energy. I'm coming out of our sessions feeling assured that I can care out my best life. I recommend anyone who needs some support and cheerleading talk to Jake." Elizabeth F., Pediatrics, @heyyfitzz 

“One of the things you’ve helped me with the most is not being hard on myself -  didn’t know how to celebrate myself before… ” - Hina G, Small Business Owner, @artesano_inc

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"I was a steady member of 12 step programs when I first got clean & sober, but always felt like there was an element of health, adventure, and fellowship that I didn’t experience in the rooms.  Jake helped me to achieve that element of my recovery that I knew I needed. Without Jake’s ability to listen to me without judgement, remind me of my worth and purpose, and provide me with encouragement to never give up, I might not be alive today. He has been there for me during thick and thin… he has been an instrumental part of my healing, growth, and enjoyment of life in recovery.  I couldn’t recommend him enough as a coach and mentor! - Jon B., IHSS Provider & Entrepreneur

"At the end of the 13 weeks with Jacob I felt completely free. I was able to relax more than I ever did smoking weed. I was more clear and creative than I had been in years. I naturally began to discover what I really liked and what really brought me joy. I made more deep and meaningful, real relationships with those I loved. I was no longer just surviving. I began to actually thrive. I can barely recognize who I was before this process anymore. I am so happy to finally be free from addictions and anxiety and happy with who I am” - Kristin M, Entrepreneur & Holistic Healer


"Being a part of the Inner Ascent coaching group has been a very spiritually awakening, life changing program for me. I'd recommend this over and over to anyone and everyone, especially if you struggle with addiction. The community, acceptance, love and insight I gained through this program has been truly unmatched. Love love love this program! Thank you Jake!!" - Kelly J., Registered Nurse @kelmje

"I started drinking when I was 15,  I recently met my man Jake at 42.  The first few months was me trying to quit,  I kept failing trying to quit. But didn't quit quitting. If I had unlimited money I would talk to Jake 24/7. Jake has an amazing heart,  he's passionate, detailed,  has a plan,  sets goals. I'm a better person for knowing him.  People get sober because they want to. Jake won't magically change that part in your heart, but if you are ready,  truly ready, man I've never loved or appreciated or gained anything from a stranger like I did with him.  He's my friend,  and I'm better for knowing him. "  - Jim R., Investor

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