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Say goodbye to fear of unfulfilled potential.

Hi, I'm Jake - Founder & CEO of Natural Highs Recovery. I'm a Life Coach and certified Mountain Guide, and I specialize in helping people overcome self limiting patterns and addictions so they can unlock their full potential, get the most out of life, and make a positive impact on the world. If you're struggling with any of the following, the Natural Highs Coaching Program might be for you:

*Getting organized and maintaining clear priorities

*Following through with your intentions and goals

*Finding a sense of purpose

*Finding a sense of spiritual fulfillment and connection

If you'd like to learn more about me, feel free to click here.

Now, let's talk about YOU.

I see you...

~ There is no moderation for you when it comes to certain habits or behaviors.


~ You crave support and connection beyond 12 step recovery. 

~ You struggle with self doubt, indecision, and fear of not reaching your full potential.


~ You have a vision and you want to make a difference in the world. 


~ You're ready to make a major change, and you've already taken a huge first step, but you are unsure what to do next.


~ There's a whole new journey ahead. You're searching for your calling, your purpose in this world.

~ Your addictions or habits threatened to cause a lifetime of mental fog and unfulfilled potential.

~ You are ambitious, you have a fire inside you and you know you have something big to offer the world

~ You don't just want to force good behavior. You want to thrive and live a joyful and balanced life with a sense of ease and purpose.

~ You are unwilling to limit yourself any longer.

I see you, I hear you, I WAS you.


You're at the beginning of a lifelong journey. And you don't have to make the trek without a guide.


Pursue your vision.

Perhaps there's an organization or a movement you dream of starting, or goals you're passionate about reaching. Whatever your aspirations may be, we'll work together on an action plan to ensure your dreams come to life, one day at a time. 

Balance your life.

Inner and outer growth are equally important. We'll work together on spiritual growth as well as action, and establish a balance of internal and external success. This begins with the practice of making inner peace your number one priority. 

Make Your Journey a BLAST!

Adventure is a mindset. Some of the most profound spiritual growth comes from lightheartedness, play, and adventure. In one on one coaching, we will explore how you can personally create joy, fun, and playfulness in your life - without self limiting habits and addictions. 

You never have to smoke/drink/use again...
But what will you do?

I have been a steady member of 12 step programs ever since I got clean & sober, but have always felt like there was an element of health, adventure, and fellowship that I didn’t experience in the rooms.  Jake helped me to achieve that element of my recovery that I knew I needed.


Without Jake’s ability to listen to me without judgement, remind me of my worth and purpose, and provide me with encouragement to never give up, I might not be alive today. 


He has been there for me during thick and thin… he has been an instrumental part of my healing, growth, and enjoyment of life in recovery.  I couldn’t recommend him enough as a coach and mentor! - Jon B.

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