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The best highs are within us

*Donations support free outdoor adventure & recreation programs for people in recovery from addiction, trauma and abuse

About Us

The Natural Highs Coaching Program takes individuals from all over the world through a 6 pillar online program specifically designed to help them find peace, live with purpose, and create a sober life they LOVE. One-on-one and group programs are available. 

Our Natural Highs Community offers events ranging from hiking and camping to casual downtown outings, local art and music, and so much more.

The Natural Highs Community is a peer run, community based recovery movement whose mission is to make outdoor adventure, fitness, and creative hobbies accessible as a healing path and lifelong support system for people in recovery from addiction, trauma, and mental health challenges. 


Our programs combine the therapeutic benefits of nature with the value of healthy hobbies, and support long-term recovery by connecting participants to new people, places and things.


...for a free coaching call, to book a trip or class, or ask any questions. We'd love to hear from you!

*We will work with you to accommodate your schedule. 

Santa Cruz, CA


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