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Natural Highs

Support, community, and coaching for thriving addiction free
*Openings available for September 2024 Group Coaching


Welcome! I'm Jake

More than 10 years ago I quit cannabis, alcohol, and all mind altering substances. It was the best decision of my life. I created Natural Highs as a resource for anyone who, like myself, wants to be as present as possible in this precious life.

If cannabis or any other limiting behavior has made you feel like less than the best version of yourself, you're in the right place. My goal is to help others feel better than ever through holistic health and mindfulness, and be free from addictive tendencies.

I like to say sobriety is more about starting something than stopping something. So if you're excited about a new start, check out the group coaching, one on one coaching, or video course I offer. If you're not sure where to start, just shoot me a message through the contact form below and lets connect :)

Openings available for Sept 2024 Group. Click below


Sian B, Musician

Before we worked together I had no way to regulate stress other than smoking... no real way to deal with my emotions. I was totally aware that smoking wasn't serving me. Now I'm 6 months sober... I actually have coping mechanisms now to regulate stress. I'm a lot more calm. I'm able to actually plan out and execute projects I'm working on. At this point I haven't felt overwhelmingly stressed in a long time. I feel a lot more in control of my days and my time, and also a lot less consumed by the desire to control everything. 
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Uri Biler, Endurance Athlete

I had no expectations going into the Inner Ascent seminar with Jake... What I found was a community of like-minded individuals, coming together with their own struggles, lessons, and successes to lift each other up and celebrate sobriety. I love that not only Jake, but everyone in the class, met you where you're at. It was a paradigm-shifting experience to learn from and understand how to best live a sober life. I highly recommend the Inner Ascent course to anyone who may be struggling and needs to find their own path in life.
Samantha Burke Testimonial Photo.png

Samantha Burke, Mindfulness Coach

The Inner Ascent program strengthened my sobriety from alcohol and gave me the push to quit weed after a decade of (often) compulsive and problematic use. The sense of community and accountability you get with the group is invaluable. Jake and his guest speakers are super insightful, compassionate people who are ready to help you step into a “higher” version of yourself that doesn’t need to get high 24/7 anymore to enjoy life. If you’re considering the group, I highly recommend taking the plunge. Because while this may not be life or death, this is your life. You’re worth it.

Free Meetings

Thursdays at 5pm PST
Meetings are every Thursday EXCEPT for dates listed below:

Jan 4th 2024 - NO MEETING

About Natural Highs

The Natural Highs Coaching Program takes individuals from all over the world through a 6 pillar program specifically designed to help participants access playfulness, joy and light heartedness without substances, lean into their calling, and create a sober life they LOVE. One-on-one and group programs are available with live support and online community. 


Santa Cruz, CA


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