Drawing from his own life experience overcoming addiction and building a life of adventure and prosperity, Jake is extremely passionate about sharing what he's learned along the way. With 15+ years of leadership training in various programs including Outward Bound, AmeriCorps, and Landmark Education, Jake's approach is holistic and interdisciplinary. 

After working with over 400 students as a career mentor for the Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth College, Jake started his own coaching practice to make a difference in the lives of visionary leaders who want to bring positive change to the world, but must first master themselves.


Having studied a wide variety of spiritual philosophies, Jake's work draws on aspects of many different practices with both Eastern and Western influences. Central to his work is the importance of prioritizing inner peace in order to make room for effective action. 


With more than 8 years of experience as a mountain guide leading wilderness expeditions, Jake also focuses on implementing adventure as a regular practice and teaches that adventure is also a mindset you can carry with you in everyday life.

As an incredibly friendly human, Jake is always happy to chat via email or get on a call to hear more about who you are, what you envision, and what you are striving to overcome. You can reach him at jake@naturalhighsrecovery.org or find him on instagram: @naturalhighsrecovery

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