Drawing on 15+ years of leadership training in various programs including Outward Bound, AmeriCorps, American Mountain Guide Association, and Landmark Education, Jake's signature Natural Highs Coaching Method is holistic and interdisciplinary. 


After going from years of addiction and unfulfilled potential to building a life of adventure and prosperity, Jake is extremely passionate about sharing what he's learned along the way. As a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple successful businesses (both online and offline), Jake brings a strong combination of life and business skills to the table to support his clients.

Nearly a decade of teaching, mentoring and guiding roles led Jake to discover his calling and hone his skills as a coach. Chief among these was working with over 400 students as Lead Mentor for the Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth - a career exploration program organized by the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College (New Hampshire's Ivy League School).

During his time in recovery, Jake has explored many modalities including 12 step recovery and Recovery 2.0, yet the most powerful factor remains his connection with nature and passion for adventure.


After getting sober, Jake realized there were still patterns and challenges remaining to navigate, including chronic pain and a significant anxiety disorder. Despite these challenges, Jake embarked on a journey to find happy, healthy community, start his own businesses doing what he loves, and 4-5x his income all in a few years time.


In his off time, Jake summited over 70 mountain peaks, climbed 30,000 feet of vertical rock, performed 10,000 hours of outdoors sports, and guided hundreds of other people in the wilderness.


He is now on a mission to share everything he's learned about success and thriving in sober life with other individuals who wish to go beyond sobriety to a larger journey of wellbeing, purpose, and fulfillment across all areas of life.

In his previous business as a mountain guide leading high intensity wilderness expeditions, Jake has on many occasions led teams safely through life-and-death scenarios. Taking lessons from the mountains, Jake shares hard earned wisdom and character development with his coaching clients and teaches that adventure is a mindset you can carry with you in everyday life.
Driven by a strong desire to be of service, Jake started his own coaching practice to help others overcome unwanted behaviors so they too can excel towards their recreational and professional dreams. He is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of passionate visionaries who want to bring positive change to the world.
Having studied a wide variety of philosophies as well as spiritual psychology, social science, and behavioral science at the State University of New York at New Paltz and beyond, Jake's work draws on aspects of many different practices with both Eastern and Western influences. He has deeply studied and embodied the teachings of Warner Erhard, Ram Das, Eckharte Tolle, Lao Tzu, and Thich Nhaht Hahn, and he continues to explore the teachings of Tony Robbins, Tommy Rosen, and Don Miguel Ruiz among others. 
Over the course of almost two decades, Jake has cultivated a unique understanding and application of these teachings in his own life. Central to his work is the importance of prioritizing inner peace in order to make room for effective, service-oriented action. He emphasizes the importance of systems and practical tools to fully manifest the results made possible by internal shifts of mindset and spirit. 

As an incredibly friendly human, Jake is always happy to chat via email or get on a call to hear more about who you are, what you envision, and what you are striving to overcome. You can reach him at jake@naturalhighsrecovery.org or find him on instagram: @naturalhighsrecovery

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From Addiction to Adventure

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