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Hiking & Camping

Hiking gives us the opportunity to get out of our heads and into nature, where we can feel the presence of a higher power. 


No matter what your ability level, our guides have beautiful places in mind to take you. Big Sur, the Ventana & Los Padres Wilderness, and Sierra National Forest offer a lifetime of adventure close to home. Beyond that, custom trips are available almost anywhere

We don't just want to take our clients out there. We want to teach them everything they'll need to know to go back and continue exploring, for a lifetime. 

In recovery, hiking can offer:

1. A healthy escape to peaceful and beautiful places

2. Mental and physical fitness, while having fun

3. A hobby that leads to new people, places and things as you progress in the sport

~ Half day, full day and multi-day trips available ~


Gallery: New People, Places & Things Through Hiking

Recovery is freedom. You never have to use again...
But what will you do?
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